SODANET NEWS - 2021-12-15

Do you remember YPERATOU (HYPERTRUMPS), the board game of the 80s?

We have redesigned it and offer it in digital form via SoDanet !

Instead of motorcycles, cars, planes, ships, cats, dogs and dinosaurs, the cards contain Socio-Economic indicators of countries for 2020. The values ​​of the indicators are available through Eurostat's Database and some of them are documented at Sodanet's Data Catalogue.  The indicators relate to key social science topics, such as employment, education, demography and economics.

See all the front and back covers of the cards here.

SODANET YPERATOU is provided in electronic form.

SODANET YPERATOU CONSTRUCTION INSTRUCTIONS: Download the pdf with the 41 cards here and print on both sides of a sheet of paper,  manually or automatically (depending on the printer you have). Cut out the 41 cards and begin playing! 

For more information contact [email protected]