Article 7: General Assembly of the Network

1. Within the So.Da.Net Network, the General Assembly shall be established and operate, consisting of one representative of each partner participating in the Network as a member, as well as of the members of the Governing Committee. These members shall be elected by simple vote by the representatives of the member organisations every two years, when the GA shall be reconstituted.

2.The members of the Network shall appoint their regular representative(s) in accordance with the provisions of the statutes governing their operation. The members of the Network shall also appoint an alternate representative to take part in meetings and general work, when the regular representative is prevented from attending.

3.The General Assembly shall meet at least twice a year. The GA shall meet at the invitation of its President whenever deemed necessary to promote the objectives of the Infrastructure and to coordinate the operation of the Network.

4. The quorum for the meeting of the GA shall be at least one half (1/2) of the member organisations that conist the GA. Decisions shall be taken by an absolute majority of the members present.


Article 8: Powers and Responsibilities of the General Assembly

1. The GA shall take all decisions necessary to promote the objectives of the Network and the operation of the Infrastructure on the basis of the recommendations and plans prepared and submitted to it by the Governing Committee.

2. In particular, it shall take decisions:

a) for the development and management of the Research Infrastructure.

b) For the participation of the Network in research and development projects and actions of national and transnational scope.

c) For the promotion of social research, the exploitation and dissemination of its results, while promoting the connection between research and education.

d) To create working groups and committees to study issues related to the creation, development and maintenance of the So.Da.Net Research Infrastructure.

e) For the development and extension projects of the So.Da.Net Research Infrastructure.

f) For the admission and participation of new members in the Network and for the deletion of existing members.