The Acts CESSDA ATTIKI and CESSDA EPAE are in fact a single project that will implement the "Feasibility Study" bringing into full operation the national research infrastructure So.Da.Net_ CESSDA_RI. The two parallel projects involve six academic departments and one public research centre, which are collaborating in order to set-up a new research infrastructure that will consist of a Greek Central Node and subsequent local nodes, whose role is to provide data for social sciences, while the Central Node will in turn feed in CESSDA (Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives).

The data provided by the local nodes to the Greek Central Node will be quantitative surveys, aggregate quantitative data or tabular data, qualitative data and even secondary data and indicators. Any potential user should be able to conduct joint search operations in all metadata contained in the National Research Infrastructure. The two parallel projects constitute the implementation phase, which will deal with operational and institutional issues based on the previous experience of the Social Data Bank, as well as the lessons learned and experience gained through CESSDA.

More specifically, the project “CESSDA ATTIKI – support and development of Greek partners for participation to the Consortia of European RIs within ESFRI /2006” is funded through NSRF. Co-ordinator: EKKE, partners: a) the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens-Department of Political Science & Public Administration b) Panteion University, Department of Political Science & History. Duration: 2013-2015. The project will be implemented through 7 subprojects.