General Terms of Use

General Terms of Use

The following text sets out the general terms of use as they appear on the portal and the obligations they contain for external users and how they are interpreted. This web portal: is the Greek research infrastructure for the social sciences. The infrastructure accumulates and documents data and metadata of social science research and makes them available to any interested user.

Through the repositories of the members of the Network and the portal, the data and metadata of the research are accessed and retrieved.

In addition, the research infrastructure provides e-learning services on social research methodology, the development of research infrastructures and the management and use of the infrastructure's data.

This document is intended to facilitate the understanding of the general terms of use of the website. Through the hyperlinks you can obtain more detailed information on each issue.

As the implementation of the infrastructure project is a dynamic process, the terms may be subject to change. We therefore encourage you to visit regularly this section and the subpages to which it refers via the hyperlinks.

The operation of the infrastructure is governed by the terms of its Regulation available here:

The portal respects the rights of visitors and users of its services under the Privacy Policy and the specific regulations on cookies available here:

By using the services of the portal as a user you accept the following: 

  1. The use of the services by your side will take place in compliance with the regulations and policies of the Sodanet network for the research purposes for which it is intended, with respect for the rights of third parties and in a spirit of amicable resolution of any dispute arising from the use of the sodanet services.
  2. The use will be for legitimate purposes and it will not be made by bypassing any security mechanisms.
  3. You will respect intellectual property rights, in particular the terms of use of third-party content and personal data accessed without modifying the information on the status of rights such as Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs).
  4. You will retain for your exclusive use the passwords and any other access mechanisms communicated to you without sharing them with unauthorised persons.
  5. You will accurately declare the data concerning the portal and when necessary, update them.
  6. You will report any incident of breach of security of the portal or attempted breach of security or any use of its services contrary to the terms of use
  7. Use of the services may be restricted or suspended for any legal, operational or security reasons without prior notice and without compensation
  8. Any breach by you of these terms and conditions and the general regulatory framework for the operation of the portal may result in legal penalties either to you or to the organisation you represent or employ.

Last updated 30/12/2019