The aim of the project under the title “Node Development for Secondary Processing and Management of Socio-Economic Data and Indicators” is to develop the appropriate research infrastructure for the support of secondary data processing. The title given to this infrastructure is the “Node for Secondary Processing (NSP)”. The NSP will support the integration of social data produced under independently designed research surveys. However, this integration is always limited to restricted subject matter fields. For each research field, a subject matter database will be designed, which will also incorporate research results and other relevant information. More specifically NSP must meet the following functional requirements:
  • Support technical harmonisation and integration of survey data from many different sources,
  • Establish standards for the description and metadata management of large-scale comparative surveys over space and time,
  • Contribute the best practice in survey data resource sharing and data distribution and facilitate a “next generation” perspective and analysis of large amounts of data in order to increase empirical evidence and knowledge about European and global socio-economic developments. 

The project has two main outputs: a. The development of a metadata management environment for the support of secondary data processing, the Node for Secondary Processing (NSP), b. The development of the digital content for specific subject matter fields. The project has been funded by OP “Competitiveness & Entrepreneurship”. Duration: 2002-2005. Implementing organization: EKKE.