The Data Management Plan (DMP) is an important tool to structure the research data management of your project. A DMP is a written document that describes the data you expect to acquire or generate during a research project, how you will manage, describe, analyze, and store those data, and what mechanisms you will use at the end of your project to share and preserve your data.

CESSDA Training Team (2017 - 2020). CESSDA Data Management Expert Guide Bergen, Norway: CESSDA ERIC. Retrieved from

Sodanet follows the CESSDA guidelines for DMP completion, based on the following 7 steps, provided by CESSDA Data Management Expert Guide (DMEG):

1. Plan
2. Organize & Document
3. Process
4. Store
5. Protect
6. Archive & Publish
7. Discover

We can review your DMP and make suggestions. You can contact us here.

The DMP template -in Greek, accompanied by examples of how to complete it for quantitative or qualitative research- used by SoDaNet is available here , while the corresponding template in English is available here.