The Social Data Network was preceded by the Social Data Bank of EKKE (National Center for Social Research), created in 1999, which closely associated and cooperated with European data archives as a member of CESSDA. 2010 saw the coming together of seven partners in a common research project entitled: "Feasibility study for the establishment of a national research network and its cooperation in the development and utilization of the European Research Infrastructure CESSDA_RI". By designing a national Social Science documentation system (SoDaNet) that comprised the national node and those of the 7 partners, the infrastructure remodeled its ΙΤ configuration. Since then, SoDaNet has evolved, implemented research projects, collaborated with CESSDA, and established itself as the national research infrastructure for the Social Sciences, coordinated by EKKE.

   Τogether with the European Social Survey (ESS), So.Da.Net has joined the National RoadMap for Research Infrastructures 2014-2020, under the acronym CESSRI. Since June 2015, Greece has been a member of CESSDA (Consortium of European Social Data Archives), SoDaNet has functioned as the Greek hub of the European infrastructure, and EKKE has been the Service Provider.