The Greek Research Infrastructure So.Da.Net, which is already in implementation phase, it is based on the pre-existing network Social Data-Net. The current phase is the evolution of the research project entitled "Feasibility study for the construction of a National Research Network and its contribution in the development and exploitation of the European Research Infrastructure CESSDA RI". The main differentiation of this infrastructure -comparing with the previous one- is the transition to a model compatible with the documentation standard DDI3 (Data Documentation Initiative 3) regarding informatics and the institutional set-up and functioning of a cooperation framework composing of seven partners.
So.Da.Net network, follows Social Data Bank (SDB) of the National Centre for Social Research (EKKE) that pre-existed and within a timeframe of fifteen years has been linked and closely collaborated with the European data Archives. EKKE through SDB has participated to the European Consortium of Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA) since 2000.