In the context of the SoDaNet in Action project, EKKE organized a two-day internal training seminar aimed at familiarizing the network members with the applications and the Dataverse repository software of the SoDaNet infrastructure with the participation of all network partners. The seminar took place online on 16 and 17 September 2020. The programme is available here.


Linardis Apostolos: "SoDaNet in Action: Training on the new SoDaNet Applications"

Papagiannopoulos Kostantinos: "SoDaNet in Action: Presentation / Training in the use of the Infrastructure Applications (Publications - Social Terms and Definitions)"

Nisiotis Konstantinos - Simeon: "Introduction to Moodle"

Klironomos Nicolas: "SoDaNet in Action: Documentation of data projects in Dataverse"

All the educational material from the seminar is available here. In addition, videos of the presentations are also available, divided by thematic section: