If you wish to implement your own repository in Dataverse as well as data visualization applications, you can contact us here. Below,find some of our recent Dataverse, R and Geoserver implementations. 


  • Extended documentation and management on Dataset / Data Project Level 
  • Extended documentation and management on File / Resource Level 
  • Access levels and automatic empargo period per file.
  • Variable and Question Management !!!
  • Cube management & Pivoting.
  • Reusability of existing internal resources in Datasets / Data Projects.
  • Use of external resources in Datasets / Data Projects.
  • Graphical redesign and upgrade of frontend and backend environments
  • OAI-PMH Integration with Cessda Data Catalogue (Compliant with DDI 2.5 Profile - Basic Validation Gate / 22-11-2021).
  • Support of Cessda Controlled Vocabularies (CVs).
  • Support of Multilinguality.
  • Performance issues solved (cases with many variables, questions or resources).
  • Search issues: Solr 7.3 upgraded to 8.9, Stemming and Lemmatizer enabled for the Greek language / Search by variable.
  • Customization of DOI generation mechanism.
  • Export to Data Documentation Initiative 2.5.
  • Single Sign On (SSO) with other Sodanet Implementations.

Image 1: Quantitative research data project in EKKE's SoDaNet repository

Image2: The resources of a quantitative survey data project

Image 3: The documentation of a resource at variable level

Image 4: The documentation of the questions from which the variables were derived



  • online statistical analysis.
  • online maps creation.

Image 5: Stats Application

Image 6: Maps Application


Find more about Dataverse implementations here