The Influence of the Research Infrastructures in the Social Sciences Methodology

This paper examines the importance and implications of developing research infrastructure for the methodology of the social sciences and in particular empirical social research. It is argued that the development of research infrastructure is not simply aimed at tackling individual technical problems of social research, but rather as a methodological intervention in the way social research is organized. With the development of research infrastructure, the research process is radically reorganized. In terms of its scope, this reorganization is reminiscent of the reorganization imposed by the introduction of machines into the production process. In this sense, we are legitimized to talk about a new research subject in the field of social sciences.

  • Authors:Kallas J. & Linardis A.
  • Publication Year:2004
  • Citation:Kallas J., Linardis A., 2004,
  • Type:Articles in peer-reviewed academic journals
  • Thematic Area:Development and design of research infrastructures, 
  • Abstract:Greek