The Dream Machine


This paper adopts as theoretical components the rules set out in the Metanet project, the international Data Documentation Initiative 3 international documentation model, the methodological procedures followed in international research adults’ skills on PIAAC as well as the new terms of the European Research Framework for the reuse, long-term preservation and archiving of data collected, created or processed within a project, in order to describe an imaginary system regarding social data. The conceptual system we are trying to describe will allow users to design and conduct a survey, effectively archive and manage their data, and disseminate results, data, and relevant documentation for secondary use.

  • Authors:Linardis A., & Kondyli D.
  • Publication Year:2017
  • Citation:Linardis A., & Kondyli D. (2017). The Dream Machine. The Greek Review for Social Research, 147(147), 3-39. doi:
  • Type:Articles in peer-reviewed academic journals
  • Thematic Area:Development and design of research infrastructures, 
  • Abstract:Greek