Quantitative Social Research Methods


"""Quantitative Social Research Methods explores the entire spectrum of quantitative social research methods and their application, with special reference to the development sector. It provides detailed coverage of all statistical research and analysis method with an emphasis on multivariate analysis techniques, such as regression discriminant analysis, logistic regression, factor, factor, cluster, correspondence and conjoint analysis. The book is thematically arranged in two sections: the first section introduces development research techniques, explores the genesis and scope of social research, research processes and then goes on to explain univariate, bivariate and multivariate data analysis with the help of software packages such as SPSS and STATA. The second focuses on the application of social and development research methods in the development sector. It explores research method application and the issues relevant to aspects of development such as population, health and nutrition, poverty and rural development, education, water and sanitation, and environment and natural resource management"

  • Authors:Kultar Singh
  • Publication Year:2007
  • Citation:Singh, K. (2007). Quantitative Social Research Methods. Los Angeles: SAGE.
  • Type:Books- monographs (including edited volumes)
  • Thematic Area:Quantitative Research Methodology, 
  • Abstract:English
  • Permanent Identifier:https://dx.doi.org/10.4135/9789351507741