How Data Repositories Meet the Needs of "Data Management Plans"

The past few years research funders have asked potential contractors to have their research proposal accompanied by a "Data Management Plan (DMP)", which will accurately describe the actions for the management of research data, which will be used or created in their work and with the obvious aim of being reused by third parties. As the requirements for financiers now concern the more efficient reuse of data, the repositories in which the data is stored, documented and disseminated must provide "trusted" services tailored to DMP's needs to be selected from the potential ones. This paper addresses the functions and procedures that repositories must adopt in order to meet the needs of DMP’s as well as the actions of the existing research infrastructure “So.Da.Net” in this direction.

  • Authors:Linardis A., & Kondyli D.
  • Publication Year:2019
  • Citation:Linardis A., Kondyli D., (2019) How Data Repositories Meet the Needs of "Data Management Plans"
  • Type:Conference Papers
  • Thematic Area:Development and design of research infrastructures, 
  • Abstract:Greek