Interpreting qualitative data


"Cutting-edge and friendly. Offers even more of what we've come to expect. Practical, yet conceptually astute. Critically attuned to new developments, such as the uses and misuses of mixed methods designs and the convenience of smart phone technology. Packaged in an approachable format that virtually welcomes the reader aboard" - Jaber F. Gubrium, University of Missouri With a wealth of examples and learning features, the book takes a practical approach to methods training and provides a strong foundation in research design for social science students. In his characteristic positive writing style, author David Silverman offers useful advice on sticking points faced by beginner researchers and helps you build your confidence. Central to this sixth edition are its online resources, including: Entertaining and inspiring videos from the author that help you unpack concepts, boost your understanding and think critically An ‘assessment corner’, offering practical help and tailored support for typical assignments e.g. group reports and literature reviews A downloadable workbook providing a hands on way to get to grips with the necessary skills for gathering, analysing and interpreting qualitative data Approachable, clear and friendly, this book equips you with the tools to tackle key issues faced by qualitative researchers and establish good practice in your own research".

  • Authors:David Silverman
  • Publication Year:2019
  • Citation:Silverman, D. (2019). Interpreting qualitative data (6th ed). Thousand Oaks: Sage.
  • Type:Books- monographs (including edited volumes)
  • Thematic Area:Qualitative Research Methodology, Data management, Data Discovery, 
  • Abstract:English