Giving added value to the data of a data repository through Moodle

The data repository of Greece’s National Social Research Center (Athens) houses quantitative research data, qualitative research, mixed research and cubes. This data are searched by secondary users through the appropriate metadata and becomes accessible to them under certain conditions and depending on the respective access levels set by the depositor. In the context of further highlighting the infrastructure data, Moodle distance learning courses have been created that mainly use quantitative infrastructure data. At the beginning of the course, the links of data and questionnaires are listed in the repository and then the theoretical framework that governs the subject matter of the course as well as the research questions posed by the rapporteur are described in detail. The statistical methods applied to the data are selected and explained and their statistical analysis is presented in detail through SPSS syntax and / or SPSS. Then the interpretation of the results and the conclusion are presented.

  • Authors:Linardis A., Moscha A.
  • Publication Year:2018
  • Citation:Linardis A., Moscha A. (2018). Giving added value to the data of a data repository through Moodle, MoodleMoot 2018, NTUA Multimedia Amphitheater, November 30, 2018
  • Type:Conference Papers
  • Thematic Area:Development and design of research infrastructures, 
  • Abstract:Greek