D9.2a Functional and Technical Specifications of 3CDB

The present paper aims to describe the functional and technical specifications of the Concepts, Classifications, and Conversions Database, which will be referred to in this paper as CCCDB or 3CDB. The first chapter is introductory, analyzes the theoretical background of a "harmonization project" and gives the main definitions that we will meet below. The following chapter lists the main operating specifications of CCCDB. The content and functionality of CCCDB is described and issues are considered in relation to data retention, ownership and security as well as user management. A description of the basic procedures and requirements is also given. The third chapter deals with the technical specifications of CCCDB. The database architecture is presented and ways to validate and retrieve metadata are described. The next chapter presents the creation of a harmonization project using the CHARMCATS application. Finally, we present the final conclusions in the fifth chapter.

  • Authors:Bourmpos, M., Linardis T.
  • Publication Year:2009
  • Citation:Bourmpos, M., Linardis T. (with Agache A., Friedrichs M., and Quandt M.) (2009), D9.2a Functional and Technical Specifications of 3CDB. Deliverable D9.2a for CESSDA Preparatory Phase Project (PPP)
  • Type:Research Reports
  • Thematic Area:Development and design of research infrastructures, 
  • Abstract:English