Approaches and methodologies in the social sciences: A pluralist perspective


"A revolutionary textbook introducing masters and doctoral students to the major research approaches and methodologies in the social sciences. Written by an outstanding set of scholars, and derived from successful course teaching, this volume will empower students to choose their own approach to research, to justify this approach, and to situate it within the discipline. It addresses questions of ontology, epistemology and philosophy of social science, and proceeds to issues of methodology and research design essential for producing a good research proposal. It also introduces researchers to the main issues of debate and contention in the methodology of social sciences, identifying commonalities, historic continuities and genuine differences".

  • Authors:Della Porta Donatella and Michael Keating
  • Publication Year:2008
  • Citation:Della Porta, D., & Keating, M. (2008). Approaches and methodologies in the social sciences: A pluralist perspective. Cambridge , New York: Cambridge University Press.
  • Type:Books- monographs (including edited volumes)
  • Thematic Area:Quantitative Research Methodology, Qualitative Research Methodology, 
  • Abstract:English
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