CESSDA SaW Deliverable D3.5: Report on the State of the art, obstacles, models and roadmaps for widening the data perimeter of the data services

The main objective of this deliverable is to survey the current state of play of data archiving services (e.g. amount of data available, other data providers etc.), as well as current and future researchers' needs in four domains, i.e. academia, health, official statistics and history. We also explore current and potential agreements for broadening data perimeter and relevant national and international policies. Thus, we provide an overview of each domain by summing up the types of data used and produced by researchers or data they would like to access, identifying data perimeter and potential actions for missing the gaps. In order to provide insights concerning the aforementioned issues, we used mixed methodology, i.e a) desktop research regarding the datasets CESSDA SPs hold in the examined data domains b) interviews with experts-key informants in each domain, and c) literature review, regarding also CESSDA outcomes of previous and current research projects. At the end, we provide some examples in different domains in order to stress out best practices cases. These cases, including indicatively the collection, curation and dissemination of new types of data, or the setting up of new structures in order to collect dispersed data and facilitate researchers’ access, could act as departure point for expanding the data perimeter of SPs or elaborating new strategies.

  • Authors:Kondyli D., Fragoulis G., Linardis A.,et al
  • Publication Year:2015
  • Citation:Kondyli D., Fragoulis G., Linardis A.,et al (2015). Deliverable D3.5 Report on the state-of-the-art, obstacles, models and roadmaps for widening the data perimeter of the data services, deliverable: CESSDA Strengthening and Widening. Available here: http://cessdasaw.eu/content/uploads/2017/11/D3.5_CESSDA_SaW_v1.3.pdf
  • Type:Research Reports
  • Thematic Area:Development and design of research infrastructures, 
  • Abstract:English