Steering Committee (Article 9 of the Cooperation Protocol) 

1. The Scientific Committee shall select by vote two members who, together with its Chairperson, shall constitute the Steering Committee.

2. The term of office of the Steering Committee shall be two years and shall be the same as that of the Scientific Committee.

3. The Steering Committee shall support the functioning of the Scientific Committee and shall in particular have the following responsibilities:

  • Represents the So.Da.Net Infrastructure and the Scientific Committee in its activities and communication with public authorities and public and private sector bodies in general.
  • Prepares Scientific Committee meetings and prepares relevant contributions and proposals.
  • Ensures the implementation of Scientific Committee decisions and the dissemination of these decisions to the relevant scientific community and any third party stakeholders.
  • Coordinates the preparation of proposals for research and development programmes, represent the So.Da.Net Infrastructure to the partner organisations and to the organisations that call for and/or contract the relevant programmes.
  • On the basis of Scientific Committee guidelines and decisions, it shall prepare proposals and procedures for the financial management of the So.Da.Net Infrastructure's activities and programmes.
  • Coordinates the staff providing administrative, operational and secretarial support for the functioning of the Scientific Committee.

Chairperson of the Scientific/Steering Committee (Article 10 of the Cooperation Protocol) 

1. The Scientific Committee shall select the Chair and his/her Deputy in separate votes by a simple majority of the members.
2. The term of office of the Chairperson shall be two years. 
3. The Chair shall represent the Scientific and Steering Committee before each body.
4. The Chairperson shall chair the Scientific and Steering Committee and coordinate their functioning.