Search Data

The catalogue enables users to search for surveys by several criteria, to browse their content through on line statistical analysis and to retrieve surveys locally for further processsing and secondary analysis. Being more precise, there are two different ways of searching:

  1. Simple Search: for term/terms in any part of the metadata, and
  2. Advanced search: for specific fields of DDI2 documentation.

The simple search can be undertaken through the tool: 

The advanced search can be undertaken through the tool that is depicted as an "arrow":

where by, one or more of the following criteria can be used:

  1. Survey title-Survey Code
  2. Abstract-Keywords-Start date-End date-Geographical coverage
  3. Geographic unit -Unit of analysis-Population-Datatype
  4. Sampling methods-Data collection methods - Weighting
  5. Access requirements
  6. Variable name, question text, variable label, variable concept, category label.