Social Terms Scientific Dictionary

The scientific dictionary of social terms has been designed by the Laboratory of Social Informatics, Statistics and Research Infrastructures of the Department of Sociology of the University of the Aegean, within the project «CESSDA EPAE - Support and development of Greek partners in order to participate to the European Research Infrastructures within the frame of ESFRI/2006», with the purpose to be a part of the national research infrastructure So.Da.Net, which supports the documentation of empirical studies.
It consists an online application system in both Greek and English language, which contains definitions of scientific terms of the social sciences, which are connected with their citations. Each term is possible to be connected with more than one scientific notions and as a result, it is connected with more than one definitions. The application has been designed in order to permit the connection between these terms and specific empirical studies.
You can access the application here.

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